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rescheduled oct.1st


JULY 2020.


It's July now and we're still in the midsts of a global health crisis. In person events are in flux for now but art is still being made! I'm slowly dipping my toes into creating digital content. Was your vacation cancelled and you want to commission a silly video to cheer up your traveling companions? You can hire me to do that! 

 July 12th - an online fundraiser for Noveltease Theatre! The Bearenstoned Bears made a new digital sketch piece for Big Lit Energy!

MARCH 2020 


WHELP.....Like every other live performing artist, all of my upcoming shows and events I had booked for this Spring are indefinitely postponed due to COVID-19 : ( 

I am spending my days with my isolation crew which includes my partner on an urban farm. I'm fortunate that all my creative energy can go towards gardening this Spring! Follow my instagram for green thumb updates & cute pet pics.    


For work, I am homeschooling my niece and nephew while schools are closed! 

Check out this blog the kids and I featured on with The Denver Philharmonic Orchestra- Click here. 




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 If you have the means, please consider supporting other artists during this time of financial uncertainty.

Ijeoma Oluo is a Seattle based author, activist, and artist and has been working tirelessly to help support Seattle's wonderful but hurting art's scene.  Click Here throw some much needed $$$ for Seattle Artists!

And finally, when we're allowed again to congregate physically to share art and smooch each other's faces- Please invite me to see your work and reach out to colloborate with me! Until then, Stay home and be well! xoT 

Oct 15th 

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