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Theatre  & Performance 

I'm fortunate to work some amazing individuals and ensembles. Take peak below to keep up to date on my shenanigans with The Libertinis, The Bearenstoned Bears,AND The Salty Licks. 

The Libertinis

Artistic Director 

Since 2012, I've served as the Artistic Director and a founding producer with The Libertinis. The Libertinis are an interdisciplinary arts ensemble (inter-arts gang) that devise and deliver boundary-crushing and genre-blending storytelling. We shake together theatre, neo-burlesque, and  clown into one deliciously weird cocktail!  Check us out at

Libertinis News-  

*Stay tuned for another P(art)y at 18th and Union this October! 


The Bearenstoned Bears 

The Bearenstoned Bears are "America's probably only stoner bear entertainers." Kicked out of the circus and on the run from animal control, The Bearenstoned Bears are a smoking, dancing, singing, poetry -reciting ursidae comedy duo. When they are not onstage these bears enjoy picnics, friendship, forest fires, honey pots, hallucinogens, and following one's dreams. They are available for hire! Perfect for birthday parties, church picnics, company picnics, and family reunion picnics!

To Book the bears email Tootsie at TOOTSIE.SPANGLES@GMAIL.COM


The Salty Licks  

Jackie Miedema and Tootsie Spangles are a divine duo of dirty, flirty comedy. They're making their cardboard dreams and mad scene schemes come true.

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